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Accounting Services

Accounting and auditing

Financial Statements Compilations

Compilations are monthly, quarterly, or annual financial statements prepared from the information you provide. We do not audit your records or express an opinion or any assurance on their accuracy. Such financial statements are frequently requested by financial institutions and shareholders. We can assist you in appropriate financial statement presentation.

Financial Statements Reviews

Reviews are financial statements prepared using analytical procedures and providing limited assurance on the results. Arkansas contractor license renewals must include a reviewed balance sheet. Other third parties may require similar review services.


We do not currently provide this level of service; however, if you need assistance we can help introduce you to someone who can meet your need.

Agreed-Upon Procedures Reviews

In lieu of a complete audit of your financial statements, you may elect to have certain agreed-upon procedures applied to allow the focus of our services to be specific to one or more areas. For instance, you may only need your year-end inventory valuation tested or you may be concerned about the accuracy of your accounts payable transactions. Together, we will design a program specific to the items to be measured and design the related testing needed to accomplish your objective.

Contractor Licensing Assistance

Whether you are planning to obtain your contractor’s license for the first time or renewing an existing license, let Miller, CPA, PLC assist you in the process. If you need audited or reviewed financial statements or assistance organizing your day to day transactions, we bring our expertise to the process.

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