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Accounting Firm- tax word cloudAcquisitions, Mergers and Investigations

Our firm is fortunate to have significant resources to assist you in evaluating a takeover opportunity or a merger possibility. Whichever direction you are evaluating, up or downstream, we can provide the guidelines to assess this outcome and counsel you during negotiations. We can provide support at any level, including quarterbacking the entire process. Experience can make this opportunity very rewarding.

Business Recovery

There are times in a business life cycle when things do not go well. Too often management of a business waits until it is too late to make the necessary changes to maintain the business as an on-going concern.

No one wishes to admit defeat or failure. It is our belief that total failure is not an option. A business downsizing is merely a setback with corrective action being taken. Our firm has the background and experience to work with you and your counsel to develop an appropriate response plan to meet your need.

Business recovery requires identifying profitable areas, if any, of a business and concentrating the required resources to support the true profit centers. Business recovery also requires the appropriate utilization of assets and the protection of your cash flow.

Business Succession Planning

There will be a day in everyone’s life when one will not return to work. This reason can be caused by retirement, change in careers, death or disability. Whatever the reason, planning for the inevitable begins today. Creating value is a systematic process in which we may be able to help. We blend our knowledge of tax law, valuation, business experience, and mergers and acquisitions to help you through the process of exploring how this change might take place and how to properly plan for it.

Developing a plan of action is not always easy to complete. It requires making long-term decisions with the end in mind. This is a process and will continue to evolve as the business becomes more successful.


Miller, CPA, PLC offers litigation support and valuation services. Mike Miller has developed affiliations with other professionals to assist you in meeting your needs. Whether you need valuation services for estate planning, transfers of ownership, S Elections or litigations, we can assist you. Our consulting services are designed to complement the life cycle of a business and the specific necessities required throughout the life of a business as well as the business owners. We can provide services on an independent or a non-independent basis depending on your requirements. We design the engagement to match your needs.


Forensic Accounting Services

We can provide assistance and expertise to help you identify and analyze problems and issues with financial systems, records or internal controls.

Budget Preparation and Analysis

Successful businesses generally do not “just happen”. There is a plan and the plan is successfully implemented over a period of time. This allows results to be monitored, evaluated and affected by appropriate change. Operating and capital budgeting is a constantly evolving process. Measuring expectations against results is a good barometer to evaluate operation of your business and make the best adjustments.